I have Parkinson’s, which was diagnosed five years ago, although I now realise that I had many signs for several years before this diagnosis. My symptoms included loss of balance, muscle weakness, muscle stiffness, bladder problems, slight tremor, difficulty doing up buttons,  slow movements, difficulty putting arms into sleeves, difficulty sleeping, difficulty in turning in bed and walking with a shuffle.

I started to have Original Point massage therapy with Kevin in February 2016.  I changed my diet and exercise regime also appropriately as instructed by Kevin. Since then I have noticed some positive changes.  One of the first things I noticed was a change in my sleeping pattern. Prior to treatment I had experienced most nights with insufficient sleep, with hours of restlessness and eventual falling asleep as late as 5 a.m. But then I found that my sleeping patterns became normalised, both in terms of length and quality,  I was now sleeping 7 hours a night starting from about 11 p.m.  This was after only two weeks of treatment at two sessions a week.  Further improvements were to follow.

My left hand had previously felt completely disconnected from my brain.  I had long given up hope of using my left hand to use a computer keyboard, for example.  A few months later I was able to use my left hand on the computer keyboard.  Not fast, but it was obvious that I felt more of a connection; my hand was taking signals from my brain seriously.

Now I walk better, have alleviated almost completely my sleeplessness, have more flexibility and less tremor.  In general, my co-ordination has improved so that I feel more aware and I am able to do things more easily. To sum up, I would say that after about 9 months,  I had regained two years. In other words, my symptoms were reduced to the level they were two years ago.

Neville Thomas Kevan Belton

December 2016

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