In August 2016 I was told about a different sort of treatment.

After suffering pain in my lower limbs which limited my walking greatly and a shoulder problem. I was will to make a appointment to see Kevin.

My first appointment was one and half hours long and in that time Kevin went over all my ailments and explained how and what he was going to do to help me improve my situation.

Kevin taught me what I needed to do to improve my health, from his massage, the heat therapy, reducing my medication and select food choices, the improvement was very noticeable. The pain was still there but not as severe as before.

I was finally able to do more, and felt better all round.

Kevin is an extremely positive person and a skilled practitioner, and I would urge anyone suffering from an ongoing ailment to seek his advise and treatment.

June Lacey

*DISCLAIMER – the results may vary from person to person.