cropped-kevin-ma.pngKevin Ma

Practitioner of Original Point Therapy
Taichi Chuan Instructor
Bachelor of Music
Certificate in Holistic Massage Therapy
Permaculture Design Certificate

Ever since I was young, I can remember seeing reportings of various terrifying dieases and illnesses on television and newspaper. Cancer, heart attack, diabetes have reached epedemic proportion claiming countless lives each year and the medical estabishments seems to have no real solutions or cures. In realizing the importance of our body and our health, I started researching into different ways to look after myself and the people around me. I became an avid learner of Taichi chuan and enjoyed many health benefits through the practice. I also studied permaculture and tries my best to grow my own food and be self-sufficient.

In 2015, I started studying Original Point Therapy, through which I gained an even deeper understanding of our body and the reason why we get sick. Original Point explains that everything in the universe adheres to the law of causality. A seed will grow into a tree and bear fruits when it’s provided with the right elements e.g. sunlight, soil, water…etc. The same can be said about our body. When our body is ill, we need to start examine our environment and life habits and make positive changes.

I started Radiance Holistic Health Limited at the beginning of 2016. I hope to use the knowledge and skills I acquired to help more people who are suffering from discomfort and illnesses.